Game Awards 2022 Recap

There was a ton of dope game announcements so I had to talk about them and look at the new game trailers



(1:00) Awards Winners Recap

Trailers and Announcements

(03:50) Judas from Bioshock creator

(04:55) Armored Core 6

(06:00) Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

(06:55) Banishers Ghosts of Eden from Life is Strange creators

(08:50) Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

(09:30) Hades 2 (10:40) Death Stranding 2

(11:25) Star Wars Jedi Survivor

(12:40) Earthblade from creator of Celeste

(13:20) Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

(14:14) Bayonetta Origins

(14:44) Deadcells Return to Castlevania

(15:45) Tons of release dates confirmed

(18:45) Final thoughts on the show

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