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EP 62: Stranger Things & Summer Games

This week I talk about all the recent Summer Games Fest events and announcements, Vinland Saga Season 2, Stranger Things, The Boys and more.

*Correction I just found out after posting this episode the FanExpo Dallas panel is 1pm Sunday


(00:00) Intro

(01:30) Life talk and Housekeeping

(21:20) Vinland Saga Season 2 trailer thoughts

(28:20) Pokemon Scarlet & Violet info

(32:10) Summer Games Fest, Playstation State of Play & Xbox Showcase

(49:00) Hollow Knight Silk Song excitement

(54:50) Cocoon from a creator of Limbo & Inside

(57:40) Starfield



(01:04:30)Slight Tangent about whats been helping me mentally

(01:09:29) Summer Time Rendering

(01:11:35) The Boys Season 3 ep1-4

(01:17:50) Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1


(01:31:00) Colorless Volume 1

(01:36:30) Ruri Dragon chapter 1

(01:40:08) Aliens Area chapter 1-2

(01:44:00) Gachiakuta chapters 10-16

(01:27:27) One Piece chapter 1052

(01:58:39) Outro

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