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EP 43: Winter 2022 Anime Has Arrived

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This week on my first solo episode of the year, I talk about some from last year I watched over the holiday break as well as some new shows from the Winter 2022 Anime season.


(00:00) Intro

(03:15) Housekeeping/Life Talk


(22:40) New book release from Jacque Aye; The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life https://www.amazon.com/Magical-Girls-Guide-Life-Self-Care/dp/1646042484

(25:30) Playstation VR2 Tech specs and info


(30:10) Link Click Season 1

(32:44) Case Study of Vanitas Season 1

(36:55) Super Crooks

(39:25) Golden Boy

(43:00) Kuroko Basketball Movie

(48:55) Attack on Titan Final Opening

(54:34) Demon Slayer Season Entertainment District episode 6

(57:27) How a Realist Hero Rebuilt a Kingdom

(59:50) Ranking of Kings episode 12

(01:09:55) My Dress Up Darling episode 1

(01:16:35) Sabikui Bisco (Rust-Eater Bisco)


(01:23:21) Kaiju No 8 chapter 54; News that series going on 1 month break

(01:26:15) Spy x Family chapter 58.1 & 58.2

(01:29:30) Dr Stone chapter 224

(01:31:50) My Birthday manga pickups

(01:38:58) Outro


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