Welcome to Dad Needs To Talk! I’m your host Rob & I have conversations about fatherhood/family and review the various entertainment I enjoy.

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  • 2022 Favorites: Anime w/ Shelby

    2022 Favorites: Anime w/ Shelby

    This episode I am joined by Shelby as we talk about our favorite Anime we watched in 2022! *Sidenote any technical hiccups were on my end (I need stronger PC for multitasking) TimeStamps (00:00) Intro (01:20) Getting to know Shelby & looking back at the year (12:20) Shelby #10 Anime (16:10) Rob #10 Anime (19:25)…

  • EP 73: Life In The Sky w/ Bam Hendrixx

    EP 73: Life In The Sky w/ Bam Hendrixx

    This week I am joined by Bam Hendrixx to talk about her life as a content creator and Airline flight attendant. We talk about how life of travel intertwines with the anime watching life. Timestamps (00:00) Intro (01:30) Who is Bam? (07:00) Journey into the airline industry (19:05) Bam anime journey (30:20) Balance travel, watching…

  • EP 72: My Gaming Foundation

    EP 72: My Gaming Foundation

    This week I dive into my gaming foundation with the biggest moments and memories, I also talk about the new bounties in One Piece and some wholesome moments in anime this week. Timestamps (00:00) Intro (01:30) life talk and housekeeping (09:00) Manga pickups this week (17:30) Anime news (21:40) Gamescom 2022 news Anime/TV (28:15) Parallel…

  • EP 69: Future Unknown

    EP 69: Future Unknown

    This week I catch up on life talk, recent anime news and One Piece Manga and more. Timestamps (00:00) Intro (01:30) Life talk & housekeeping (25:30) Manga pickups of the week (29:30) News Anime/TV (46:30) General talk (52:15) Yakuza Guide To Babysitting (53:52) Parallel World Pharmacy (54:45) Made In Abyss S2 EP6 (58:18) Better Call…

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