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I am joined by Phoenix from @TheAnimeTea as we talk about our favorite anime of the Winter 2023 Anime season as well as talk about the awesome work Phoenix does on her channel. I noted when we talked extensive about certain shows. Its spoiler free


(00:00) Intro

(03:45) Getting to know Phoenix and The Anime Tea

(15:35) Winter 2023 Anime conversation begins

(16:45) Vinland Saga S2

(20:50) Trigun Stampede

(27:15) The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

(31:15) The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

(36:40) Tomo-Chan Is A Girl

(45:00) Buddy Daddies

(55:35) Campfire Cooking in Another World

(01:02:40) Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

(01:09:00) Kaina of the Great Snow Sea

(01:15:05) Blue Lock

(01:19:10) The Fire Hunter

(01:23:30) Winter Anime last thoughts

(01:25:15) Other things we are watching and reading

(01:35:50) Final thoughts & Outro


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This week I am joined by Tequila, creator of Core Reviews Blog. We talk about why see started the blog and some recent series she has been watching and reading. We also talk about or recommendations from Winter 2022 Anime season


(00:00) Intro

(26:06) Tequila journey watching Jojo Bizzare Adventure series

(38:34) Journey watching/reading Vinland Saga

(56:21) Winter Anime Season Review & Recommendations

(01:03:49) Sabikui Bisco spoilers start

(01:07:39) Sabikui Bisco spoilers end

(01:40:30) What are we watching from Spring Anime

(01:46:46) Aoashi ep 3 spoilers

(02:09:00) Final Anime/Manga Recommendations

(02:13:00) Outro & wrap up

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