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(01:22)Life and Housekeeping


(21:40)MHA Movie coming October 29th to US theater

Gamescom announcement

(22:50)New Saints Row game 

(23:39)Marvel Midnight suns (xcom style game)

(24:13)Halo coming December 8 and Limited edition console

(25:10)Horizon Forbidden West coming 2/18/22


(27:24) Call of Duty Vanguard (28:17)Riders Republic demo


(31:30)Reincarnated Slime 39-44

(35:55)Fena Pirate Princess 1-4

(42:20)Remake Our Life 8


(47:17)My Hero Academia Vigilantes 107-108

(51:04)My Hero Academia 324

(54:06)Space Crush 2

(57:17)Choujin X 6-7

(01:04:50)One Piece 1023 & One Piece Vivi Adventure

01:12:04)Red Hood 8

(01:21:05)Dandadan 1-21

 Main Topic

(01:28:55)1 year since leaving toxic job for my better current job.

(02:14:40) Outro

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