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This week I talk about Pokemon Legends Arceus, some dope collaborations Ive done recently and Fire Force chapter 300. All this and more this week on the podcast


(00:00) Intro

(01:40) Life talk & Housekeeping

(08:40) Vash invades the podcast

(10:26) Life talk & Housekeeping continued

Link for Young Deuces Geekset channel where the Black History month collaboration will be happening.

(13:13) I was interviewed by Alexis for Saturday AM Magazine


(23:42) PlayStation Buys Bungie

(27:50) Seven Seas announces Steamship Imprint for more manga

(30:38) Blue Period anime got an English dub

Creator spotlight

(32:11) Core Reviews Blog (she does anime & manga reviews)

Anime Talk

(33:55) General thoughts on several shows I watched

(34:55) My Dress Up Darling episode 4

(36:45) Attack on Titan episode 79

(38:05) Ranking of Kings episode 15

Game Talk

(41:25) Pokemon Legends Arceus & my history with the Pokemon franchise

Manga Talk

(01:12:32) Sakamoto Days chapter 56

(01:15:43) Dr Stone chapter 227

(01:19:35) Witch Hat Atelier thoughts volume 1 to volume 3

(01:23:00) Undead Unluck chapter 96

(01:24:45) Fire Force chapter 300

(01:29:59) Outro

Music from RiftiBeats

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1st podcast episode of the year I am joined by Anime_Gensho as we look ahead at what we are excited about for 2022. Including Anime, Manga, Games & general things in life.

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(00:00) Intro

(02:00) Who is Anime_Gensho & 2022 Life Events

(08:30) 2022 Life events for Robert

(12:30) 2022 Anime

(27:55) 2022 Movies

(30:00) 2022 Games

(30:45) Pokemon Legends Arceus

(31:55) God of War Ragnarok

(33:25) Horizon Forbidden West

(34:12) Sifu

(35:00) Our hopes for more Anime games

(37:35) Oxenfree 2

(39:00) 2022 Manga Potential spoilers for all manga talked about

(39:40) One Piece Manga

(44:10) My Hero Academia manga

(46:15) Dr Stone manga

(50:55) Fire Force manga

(52:00) Tokyo Revengers manga

(58:25) Ahiru no Sora (basketball anime/manga)

(01:00:20) Kaiju No 8 manga

(01:01:10) Solo Leveling

(01:03:45) Jujutsu Kaizen manga

(01:05:35) Black Clover manga

(01:07:15) Vinland Saga manga/anime

(01:09:35) Dai Dark manga

(01:14:10) General manga talk about others series we continuing

(01:24:00) Final thoughts on whats coming in 2022 & Outro

All music by Rifti Beats

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