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This episode I am joined by Steve from ITMob to talk about his new comic series called Payback & the kickstarter, Project Moonlight, he is doing in collaboration with Concept Moon Studios to bring this and other series to bigger audience. We talk about Steve journey in making Payback then later in the show we dive into what we reading, watching and D23 announcements.

Project Moonlight Kickstarter (w/ Payback series)


(00:00) Intro

(01:30) Life Talk, Gintama, Kaiji The Ultimate

(17:30) Payback series, Kickstarter and Concept Moon Studio

(40:40) Origin of the main cast of characters, name and abilities

(46:00) Blinky Broken

(51:00) Hopes for the future of the series

What we reading/watching

(01:01:50) Undead Unluck manga 125

(01:09:17) One Piece manga 1059

(01:27:30) Steve current watches

(01:32:11) Rob Current Watches

(01:36:40) The Odd Taxi Movie

(01:49:40) D23 Marvel, Disney and game announcements

(02:16:00) New Assassins Creed Games news

(02:20:20) Outro and final thoughts

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This week I am joined by The Dark Sage as we look back at our favorite Anime, Games & Manga of 2021

We discuss alot of series in passing, I only timestamp stuff that had more than just a name drop


(00:00) Intro

(05:15) Who is the Dark Sage

(10:00) Content creation talk

(13:21) Favorite Anime talk starts Attack on Titan, Jobless Reincarnation, Tokyo Revengers,

(16:55)Megalobox Nomad

(18:10) My Hero Academia

(21:00) Odd Taxi

(22:25) Ranking of Kings

(24:45) Blue Period

(26:25) Beastars

(27:45) Sonny Boy

(28:45) To Your Eternity

(30:00) Jujustsu Kaizen

(32:20) 86

(34:00) Fena Pirate Princess

(35:00) Keep Your Hands off Eizouken

(37:20) Regular TV shoutouts

(38:25) MCU & Young Justice

(40:25) Dune Movie

(42:25) Marvel MCU talk

(43:55) Craig of the Creek & Ducktales Remake

(46:25) Demon Slayer Mugen Train Movie

(48:00) Video Games talk start

(49:23) Spiderman Miles Morales

(51:35) Crash Bandicoot

(53:05) Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

(53:39) Life is Strange True Colors

(54:55) Best looking game we played

(55:40) The Artful Escape

(59:07) Deaths Door

(01:00:14) Loop Hero

(01:06:36) Guardians of the Galaxy *FULL SPOILERS*

(01:21:31) It Takes Two

(01:23:33) Final game thoughts for the year

(01:25:25) Manga Talk begins

(01:26:00) One Piece

(01:28:30) Dragon Ball & Berserk

(01:30:00) 20th Century Boys & Vinland Saga

(01:31:40) Dai Dark

(01:33:00) Karate Survivor

(01:34:55) Saturn Apartments

(01:37:10) Bleach

(01:37:50) Tokyo Ghoul

(01:38:37) Fist of the North Star

(01:40:00) Spy x Family, Chainsaw Man

(01:40:25) Mature/Naughty manga Recommendations from The Dark Sage

(01:43:15) I am a Hero, Call of the Night, Sweat & Soap

(01:45:40) Young Ladies Dont Play Fighting Games

(01:48:45) Heavenly Delusion

(01:49:00) Shonen Jump Weekly shoutouts

(01:52:55) RIP Hunters Guild Red Hood

(01:55:00) Final thoughts

(02:00:20) Outro

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