Welcome to Dad Needs To Talk! I’m your host Rob & I have conversations about fatherhood/family and review the various entertainment I enjoy.

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  • Podcast EP 38: Jojo Part 6 & Fatherhood Sacrifices

    Podcast EP 38: Jojo Part 6 & Fatherhood Sacrifices

    This week talk about Jojo Bizarre Adventure Part 6 & how I relate to Jotaro from a fathers perspective; Lots of great anime episodes and manga pickups Timestamps (00:00) Intro (00:30) Housekeeping & Life Talk (21:30) News Games (25:35) Guardians of the Galaxy game (updated thoughts) Anime (27:17) Jojo Part 6 & Fatherhood talk (46:20)…

  • EP 22: Bleach Returns

    EP 22: Bleach Returns

    (00:00)Intro (02:20)Life Talk and Housekeeping; TV (06:00)Re-Main ep 4-5; (13:30)The Suicide Squad; (20:40)Bojack Horseman season 4; (33:35) Keep Your Hands off Eizouken; Manga (36:40)One Piece 2021; (43:20)Jujutsu Kaisen (48:38) Neru Way of the Martial Artist ch 5; (50:40) Hunter’s Guild Red Hood 6; (01:01:48) Spy x Family 51; Main Topic (01:03:05) Bleach manga returns and…

  • EP4: I’m a Outrider and Manga buyer.

    EP4: I’m a Outrider and Manga buyer.

    Summary This week I talk about me buying to much manga, playing Outriders and Zoro and Senku having some wild stuff happening in their worlds. Timestamps (00:00) – Intro (00:32) – My life adventures from the week (06:10) – Manga buying adventure; Vinland Saga Books 5-7, 20th Century Boys, Mujirushi News (20:34) – MLB The…

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