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This week I talk about a new manga I read call My Home Hero and how certain characters do whats needed even if they are seen as bad guys.


(00:00) Intro

(01:30) Life talk & Housekeeping

(15:30) Content Collaboration playlists


(23:10) Crunchyroll Awards thoughts

(25:09) Project Manga Awards (Voting Ends 1/28)

(27:35) Lucifer and the Biscut Hammer getting anime series

(30:20) Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $69 Billion

(39:25) Pokemon Legends Arceus releasing later this week


(41:35) Demon Slayer & Attack on Titan thoughts No spoilers

(43:35) Strongest Sage Weakest Crest

(44:55) My Dress Up Darling ep 3

(47:40) Sakugan english dub released

(48:00) How a realist Hero rebuilt a kingdom

(49:00) Moody Senpai twiiter space & Podcast—SEASON-ONE-OP-e1d3hfj

(51:17) Ranking of Kings ep 14

(56:34) Sabukui Bisco ep 3

Main Topic: Characters that do what they need to in order to protect those they care about

(01:00:00) My Home Hero manga part 1; Trigun; 20th Century Boys; Sabukui Bisco; Infamous 1 (2009 game)


(01:16:00) Sakamoto Days chapter 55

(01:20:00) Undead Unluck chapter 95

(01:23:10) Dr Stone chapter 226

(01:25:12) My Hero Academia chapter 341

(01:29:00) My Hero Academia Vigilantes chapter 118

(01:31:27) Outro

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