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The podcast this week I we catch up on Undead Unluck, the surprisingly good Peacemaker and lots more.


(00:00) Intro

(01:20) Housekeeping

Link to Otakuology Podcast I was on

Link to Daily Report About My Witch Senpai Review

(04:50) Family/Life Talk & New manga pickups Link to Epik Manga Book Club Podcast–01-Introduction-and-Jessa-Talks-e18v167


(22:20) General manga talk

(24:25) One Piece Manga 1037

(32:05) Undead Unluck Manga 76-94


(40:40) General Anime talk

Colored Folk and Anime podcast Ranking of Kings Review

(44:50) My Dress Up Darling episode 2

(47:00) Case Study of Vanitas episode 13

(49:00) The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest episode 1&2

(52:33) Sabikui Bisco episode 2

(58:40) Peacemaker episodes 1-3

(01:07:04) Outro

Music from RiftiBeats

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Showing love to fellow content creators, review of Arcane anime series and lots of manga talk


(00:00) Intro & housekeeping

(06:00) Community shoutout to other content creators

(06:06) Senae from Blanime Podcast

(07:30) IG manga_brownies

(09:00) epikmangabookclub podcast

(11:30) unapologetically black gaming podcast

(13:30) Jasperine Twitch streamer and host of Growing Pains podcast

(15:00) DFW Podcast Festival 2021 event


(30:23) Tokyo Revengers Physical english release announced

(32:30) Made in Abyss season 2

(35:15) Call of the Night anime announced

(37:30) Bleach TYBW arc getting trailer at Jump Festa

Manga Talk

(39:30) Top 10 Best Selling Manga of 2021

(46:30) manga hunt at barnes & noble story

(55:25) My Hero Academia chapter 335

(59:40) One Piece chapter 1033

(01:04:23) Ayashimon impressions

(01:06:16) Doron Dororon impressions

(01:10:50) Dr Stone 220


(01:13:50) Guardians of the Galaxy game impressions

(01:16:08) Sackboy A Big Adventure


(01:17:17) Ranking of Kings episode 7

(01:21:21) Sakugan episode 8

(01:24:28) Hawkeye episode 1&2 impressions

(01:31:50) Arcane season 1 Review

(01:51:44) Outro

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