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This week I am joined by The Dark Sage as we look back at our favorite Anime, Games & Manga of 2021

We discuss alot of series in passing, I only timestamp stuff that had more than just a name drop


(00:00) Intro

(05:15) Who is the Dark Sage

(10:00) Content creation talk

(13:21) Favorite Anime talk starts Attack on Titan, Jobless Reincarnation, Tokyo Revengers,

(16:55)Megalobox Nomad

(18:10) My Hero Academia

(21:00) Odd Taxi

(22:25) Ranking of Kings

(24:45) Blue Period

(26:25) Beastars

(27:45) Sonny Boy

(28:45) To Your Eternity

(30:00) Jujustsu Kaizen

(32:20) 86

(34:00) Fena Pirate Princess

(35:00) Keep Your Hands off Eizouken

(37:20) Regular TV shoutouts

(38:25) MCU & Young Justice

(40:25) Dune Movie

(42:25) Marvel MCU talk

(43:55) Craig of the Creek & Ducktales Remake

(46:25) Demon Slayer Mugen Train Movie

(48:00) Video Games talk start

(49:23) Spiderman Miles Morales

(51:35) Crash Bandicoot

(53:05) Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

(53:39) Life is Strange True Colors

(54:55) Best looking game we played

(55:40) The Artful Escape

(59:07) Deaths Door

(01:00:14) Loop Hero

(01:06:36) Guardians of the Galaxy *FULL SPOILERS*

(01:21:31) It Takes Two

(01:23:33) Final game thoughts for the year

(01:25:25) Manga Talk begins

(01:26:00) One Piece

(01:28:30) Dragon Ball & Berserk

(01:30:00) 20th Century Boys & Vinland Saga

(01:31:40) Dai Dark

(01:33:00) Karate Survivor

(01:34:55) Saturn Apartments

(01:37:10) Bleach

(01:37:50) Tokyo Ghoul

(01:38:37) Fist of the North Star

(01:40:00) Spy x Family, Chainsaw Man

(01:40:25) Mature/Naughty manga Recommendations from The Dark Sage

(01:43:15) I am a Hero, Call of the Night, Sweat & Soap

(01:45:40) Young Ladies Dont Play Fighting Games

(01:48:45) Heavenly Delusion

(01:49:00) Shonen Jump Weekly shoutouts

(01:52:55) RIP Hunters Guild Red Hood

(01:55:00) Final thoughts

(02:00:20) Outro

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(01:17)Housekeeping/Life Talk
(06:58)Main Topic: Maximizing time and mentally preparing for success;

What I’m playing

(52:15)Death’s Door

What I’m watching

(01:04:28) general TV talk

(01:05:55)Tokyo Revengers ep 16

(01:08:24)Space Jam New Legacy

What I’m reading

(01:13:40)Webtoon Space Crush
(01:19:27)MHA Vigilantes 101-106

(01:22:22)Me and Roboco 1-10

(01:26:16) Mission Yozakura Family 1-25 YouTube vid

(01:38:11)Spy x Family 50

(01:43:11)Solo Leveling 131-151

(01:51:35) Outro

Music @riftibeat

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