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This week we talk about the finale of Ranking of Kings, Sabikui Bisco & My Dress Up Darling. Also talk about the premiers of Moon Knight, Atlanta & This Joy of Luffy’s new form.


(00:00) Intro

(02:00) Life Talk & Housekeeping

(24:00) Community Conversation Tips on where to start with Networking with others


(37:26) Crunchyroll free w/ ads changes

(39:00) Playstation Plus new Subscription tiers

(42:40) One Piece 25th Anniversary Announcements


(46:33) General Talk & Level 1 Demon Lord Anime Announced

(48:50) Strongest Sage With The Weakest Crest Season Finale

(50:05) My Dress Up Darling Season Finale

(58:50) Sabikui Bisco Season Finale

(01:06:38) Ranking of Kings Season Finale

(01:15:05) Atlanta Season 3 ep 1&2

(01:20:25) Moon Knight Ep 1

Manga Talk

(01:33:06) New manga pickups

(01:38:08) Sakamoto Days ch 64

(01:41:50) One Piece ch 1044

(01:50:45) Outro

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