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This week I catch up on life talk, recent anime news and One Piece Manga and more.


(00:00) Intro

(01:30) Life talk & housekeeping

(25:30) Manga pickups of the week

(29:30) News


(46:30) General talk

(52:15) Yakuza Guide To Babysitting

(53:52) Parallel World Pharmacy

(54:45) Made In Abyss S2 EP6

(58:18) Better Call Saul S6 EP12


(01:07:00) General Talk

(01:09:07) My Hero Academia chapter 362

(01:10:48) One Piece manga chapter 1054-1056

(01:19:18) Spy x Family Manga chapter 65-66

(01:21:12) Outro

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PatreonAnchorSpotifyApple PodcastsAmazon MusicGoogle PodcastsYouTubePocketCastsiHeartRadioPandora

I am back! This week on the podcast I catch up on life, news etc that’s happened while I was on my break. I have a huge announcement regarding a big opportunity I got. I also dive into Black Lagoon, Better Call Saul and so much more!


(00:00) Intro

(01:30) Life Talk & Housekeeping

(19:50) Manga/Book Review resource tips

(23:50) Fan Expo Dallas Panel Announcement!


(33:30) RUMOR* Bleach streaming rights battle Crunchyroll vs Disney+

(38:08) Hunter x Hunter manga returning!

(41:50) Top 10 Manga Sales of first half of 2022

(46:15) Star Wars Jedi Survivor Game announced

(49:30) Summer Games Fest 2022 Schedule Games I played

(51:33) Horizon Forbidden West

(52:10) Co-op with Vash; Boomerang Fu & Sonic

Mania Manga/Comic

(55:35) New manga pickups

(59:00) My Hero Academia Vigilantes Series End

(01:00:54) Spy x Family chapters 62.1-62.4

(01:02:45) Akane-banashi

(01:04:40) One Piece chapter 1050

(01:09:09) Invincible Compendium 1


(01:11:40) General Talk

(01:15:10) Young Justice S4 ep 24

(01:15:55) Summer Time Rendering ep 5-7

(01:18:40) Black Lagoon Anime rewatch

(01:27:14) Better Call Saul S6 mid season finale

(01:39:15) Outro

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