Welcome to Dad Needs To Talk! I’m your host Rob & I have conversations about fatherhood/family and review the various entertainment I enjoy.

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  • EP 81: Andor & Last of Us

    EP 81: Andor & Last of Us

    First podcast of 2023. Did some catching up while also talking Andor, Last of Us TV, Kena Bridge of Spirits and more. Timestamps (00:00) Intro (1:30) Life Talk & Housekeeping (10:35) Talking Vinland Saga S2 new outro (13:20) Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order & Andor (19:50) The Last of Us TV show premier thoughts (33:35)…

  • 2022 Favorites: TV & Movies w/RobJ & ScubaSteve

    2022 Favorites: TV & Movies w/RobJ & ScubaSteve

    I am joined by RobJ & ScubaSteve as we talk about some of our favorite TV Shows & Movies we watched in 2022. We go round robin with our favorites. TimeStamps (00:00) Intro (01:30) General Thoughts on TV & Movies this year. Movies (04:30) Round 1 Movies (11:00) Round 2 Movies (19:30) Round 3 Movies…

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