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I am back! This week on the podcast I catch up on life, news etc that’s happened while I was on my break. I have a huge announcement regarding a big opportunity I got. I also dive into Black Lagoon, Better Call Saul and so much more!


(00:00) Intro

(01:30) Life Talk & Housekeeping

(19:50) Manga/Book Review resource tips

(23:50) Fan Expo Dallas Panel Announcement!


(33:30) RUMOR* Bleach streaming rights battle Crunchyroll vs Disney+

(38:08) Hunter x Hunter manga returning!

(41:50) Top 10 Manga Sales of first half of 2022

(46:15) Star Wars Jedi Survivor Game announced

(49:30) Summer Games Fest 2022 Schedule Games I played

(51:33) Horizon Forbidden West

(52:10) Co-op with Vash; Boomerang Fu & Sonic

Mania Manga/Comic

(55:35) New manga pickups

(59:00) My Hero Academia Vigilantes Series End

(01:00:54) Spy x Family chapters 62.1-62.4

(01:02:45) Akane-banashi

(01:04:40) One Piece chapter 1050

(01:09:09) Invincible Compendium 1


(01:11:40) General Talk

(01:15:10) Young Justice S4 ep 24

(01:15:55) Summer Time Rendering ep 5-7

(01:18:40) Black Lagoon Anime rewatch

(01:27:14) Better Call Saul S6 mid season finale

(01:39:15) Outro

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We celebrate the the 1 year Anniversary of the podcast. Looking back at lessons learned, and hopes for the future. I also touch on some shows and manga I watched/read recently.

I also announced the launch of my Patreon page


(00:00) Intro

(00:30) 1 Year Anniversary talk

(38:30) Introducing the Patreon page

(44:40) Answering more anniversary questions


(59:30) Raising Dion season 1

(01:03:15) Kotaro Lives Alone early thoughts

(01:04:48) Ranking of Kings ep 21

(01:06:25) Sabikui Bisco ep 10

(01:09:38) Love of Kill ep 9


(01:11:00) What I read or picked up recently

(01:13:45) One Piece ch 1043

(01:17:20) Akane Banasho ch 5

(01:22:55) Outro

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This week I share early thoughts of Horizon Forbidden West, the Uncharted movie and why my dad life is about to get even busier. All this and lots of cool manga pickups talk.


(00:00) Intro

(01:45) Housekeeping & Life Talk

Game Talk

(28:30) Horizon Forbidden West (super early thoughts)


(33:20) The Uncharted Movie

(38:28) Peacemaker Finale

(41:01) The Genius Prince Guide To Raising A Nation Out Of Debt

(43:53) Love of Kill ep 6

(46:33) Ranking of Kings ep 18

(52:20) Sabikui Bisco ep 6-7

Manga Talk

(01:00:50) Sakamoto Days chapter 58-59

(01:02:15) Akane-Banashi ch 1-2 (new SJ series)

(01:05:20) My Hero Academia ch 343-344

(01:07:0) Jujutsu Kaizen & Dr Stone quick thoughts

(01:08:15) Kaiju No 8 ch 56

(01:10:10) Talk about recent manga volume pickups and reads

(01:10:52) Even Though We’re Adults volume 1

(01:12:35) Our Teachers are dating volume 1

(01:14:45) Headhunted to Another World From Salaryman to Big 4

(01:18:05) Eniale & Dewiela Volume 1

(01:21:31) Inside Mari manga series

(01:23:35) Outro

Music from RiftiBeats

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