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EP1: Loop Hero, My Hero and The Hero of the Hidden Leaf?!


On this episode of Dad Needs to Talk I talk about the games I’m currently checking out, some big moments from recent manga chapters I am reading and give a surprise thank you to a series that has had more effect on than I often give it credit for.

(00:00) – Intro 

(1:00) – Loop Hero 

(7:06) – Outriders

(13:00) – Talking about all the game systems I have in my home currently.

(17:23) – Discussing the various manga series I am currently following and catching up on.

(21:02) – My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 305

(32:52) – Dr. Stone Mange Chapter 189

(37:42) – One Piece Manga Chapter 1007

(49:42) – Thank You Naruto?!

(1:00) – Outro

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